Edward Irving was a 19th century Scottish Theologian that held the view the humanity of Jesus was the same humanity as we all assume – that is fallen flesh.  A comprehensive understanding of Irving’s position can be gleaned from his numerous writings that span several decades.  The doctrine of the humanity of Jesus that was espoused by Irving became a matter of contention in 1827 when Henry Cole published a letter in response to an encounter he had had with the Rev. Irving.  The matter became so contentious that both sides of the argument received significant support, each party accusing the other of heresy, and eventually Irving was expelled from the church.

The humanity of Christ is a weighty matter that requires the deepest of thought because it is central to the Christian faith and as this paper will argue has direct significance for our understanding of holiness.  The purpose of this document is to provide a review of the primary and secondary literature which canvasses the main issues relating to the topic, investigates different interpretations and critically evaluates the material.

The paper will begin by outlining Edward Irving’s doctrine of the humanity of Christ.  During the years of the controversy, Irving was forced to clarify his position and to refute allegations of heresy.  Therefore we will commence our map of this subject during the height of the debate, however we will see that not only did Irving maintain this understanding of the humanity of Jesus throughout his career but that it is a position held by the early church father’s and therefore represents orthodox Christian doctrine.

After mapping the development of Irving’s understanding of the humanity of Jesus, we will begin to explore the arguments that come out of the different interpretations of this doctrine.  In particular we will survey the contemporary issues that have surfaced and the significant implication that such a doctrine holds for our understanding of holiness.

This is the page I plan to write ideas pertaining to my dissertation. The main question I am seeking to answer is:
How we understand Christ’s humanity helps us to understand holiness.